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I was over late with katy,Laura, and Jewel. I was watching a movie with Katy and Laura while Jewel gave me soothing foot worship. She sure knew how to worship a foot. She put alot of affection into each kiss and love in each lick. After the movie was over I got my feet away from Jewel and stood up then went to the door. Laura looked at me "where you going sweety?" she asked. "just for a little walk" I told her. "DONT!" Katy shouted. She made me jump and I turned around "why? I bet all the ticklers are sleeping." I said. "not ALL of them" Katy said. "who could still be up?" I asked. "this is the week of the tickle vampire!" Katy said. I raised an eyebrow "tickle vampire?" I said. she nodded. Laura had a look of concern and fear on her face. "I almost forgot it IS that time of the week! dont go!" Laura said. "This is my first time hearing about it..." I said. "that's because their never that big of a deal but once a week each month they come out! they are brutal ticklers!" Katy said. "im sure i'll be fine..." I said. "no you wont! once they get you they wont let you go until sunrise!" Laura said. "I wont go far. maybe just by the lake and back. i'll be fine!" I told them. they looked at me, concerned. "well...ok just hurry back!" Laura said. I went up to her and kissed her forehead "it'll be fine" I told her. she smiled "ok. if anything goes wrong i'll send lara out to find you" She told me. I heard something at the back door which made me jump. It was just Lara who was pressing her snout against the glass, stareing at me. She wanted a chance with me. "no! bad girl! off the glass!" Laura shouted at the dragon. She got up and went outside and started scolding her. I went out the door and went for my walk. Ive always liked walking around their dimension. their valley has so many sites. Especially from mount coochie and mount laughsalot. I started making distance between me and the house. I went to the lake, then I decided to go a little further. I soon came across the tickle woods. I started hearing rustling in the trees. I figured it must be the piranha plant heads then I notice something come out. A huge swarm.....of bats. They flew at me. Before I could run they were upon me. These were no ordinary bats. pink bats with big red lips. they flew at me at once, knocking me over. Some went up my shirt. pressing their lips on my soft belly and blowing raspberries. some went to my feet and started smooching and licking. it seriously tickled. I was shaking wildly but the bats were fast and were able to keep up with my feet. It was over at least five minutes. I expected much longer but they just stopped tickling and flew off. I lifted my shirt. I could make out the lipstick in the dark. I groaned angrily. I looked at my feet. Soaked in saliva and covered in lipstick. Now I gotta shower AGAIN. I stood up and decided to go home and shower so I can get the lipstick off. I was far from the woods but then I heard something. I saw another pink bat. it was bigger then the others. It went towards the ground and then it got covered in a huge puff of pink smoke. when it went away there was a woman dressed like a vampire. It was obviously a tickle vampire. she looked very beautiful i'll give her that. She slowly walked up to me. "You must be what they call a male. my sisters say your very ticklish. I found that...." she licked her lips "delicious." She said. She had such a deep and beautiful voice. I swallowed nerviously. She walked over and walked around me. "hmmm....young but I dont mind. Your laughter will be delicious...." she held up a finger. she had a long sharp fingernail. She placed it on my shirt collar and went down. It started to tickle a little when she got to my belly. when she got all the way down my shirt it tore in two and fell off. I was topless. She eyed me up and down. "so different from girls....." she felt my chest. "flat....this is going to be awkward..." she said. "girls who first meet a male find it strange but their to busy tickling me to even care..." I said. "when my kind tickle we just cant stop. laughter is so delicious! we just cant help ourselves. it's just....OH!!! I cant stand it!!! let the feast begin!" her hands shot out and she dug her nails into my ribs. she didnt have to move them. she just left them dug in there. Even though they werent moving it still tickled ALOT! I burst out laughing and pushed her away and started running. But she was slighly faster. She grabbed me and dug her nails into my ribs again. It hurt and tickled alot. I was laughing as hard as I could. "mmmmm!!! oh yum! your laughter! it's delicious!" She said. "who are you?! hahahahahahahahah stop it!!!!!" I asked. "im the tickle vampire queen! veronica" she said. "you should be grateful! getting to be tickled by the tickle vampire queen is a privilege!"
Just a little story I came up with.
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August 25, 2013
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